FREE Hypnosis Apps

FREE hypnosis apps

Insights-For-Life App
Providing powerful mind shifts in chronic and acute situations.

Download The Insights-For-Life App for FREE hypnosis audios!

This hypnosis app is designed to create instantaneous mind shifts in acute or crisis situations! Help is not always readily available the moment you need it! I want to be right there for you, if only a whisper in your ear, a reminder letting you know you are not alone and you can overcome anything you put your mind to!

Dr. Martha Reed, PhD

The FREE apps allow you to tap into the unlimited power of your inner mind with the soothing voice of Dr. Martha Reed. (aka the mind whisperer).

These visualizations help to reduce Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Panic and Unwanted Thought Processes.

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool in personal development. Achieve your desired outcome quickly by listening to this audio often. In acute situations listen as soon as symptoms appear and as often as possible. In chronic conditions listen every day upon waking and as you drift off to sleep or at least every other day for as long as symptoms persist. Within each audio app, there is one hypnosis track for morning listening and one hypnosis track to fall a sleep with, both audio will relax you deeply so it is important that you do not use while driving a motor vehicle.

Track 1 - allows you to awaken refreshed
Track 2 - allows you to drift peacefully off to sleep

Best when used with Headphones

Included FREE! within the Insights For Life App

Anxiety Relief Panic Support Self-esteem Thinking Right Side Up

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