April  2017
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Awaken Your Inner Warrior!
A 4-day Inner Flight School!

This Journey will begin within! … you ready?

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The Dragonfly Effect: Awaken your Inner Warrior 4-day retreat – Spring 2017

  • $697 late registration 
  • $497 early registration
  • $297 repeat attendee’s

 Payment plans are available however a $100 non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration


The Dragonfly … As long as it’s wings are balanced and working in perfect harmony,
it can move in any direction it chooses”. The same is true for you! ~ Dr. Martha

Some of the fun and life changing work we will do in The Dragonfly Effect: Awaken Your Inner Warrior 4 day program is:

  • Address our unmet needs and desires
  • Eliminate the “Lil” Voice in our head giving us “BIG” Issues
  • Learn how to get guidance and answers
  • Figure out how to get more of our hearts desire and less of our heartaches
  • Release Fear, Anger and Sadness … taking our power back
  • Explore the seven Chakras
  • Identify your personal imbalances within each Chakra
  • Learn ways to balance your emotional undercurrents with Color
  • And More …

Review, implement and explore energy therapies like:

  • Homeopathy and how it works in day to day life 
  • Color Therapy and its role in personal power 
  • Hypnosis/Meditation and using it to shift our belief systems Group Intuitive readings and outings


I am excited to share this powerful journey inward with you! ~ ♥ Dr. Martha


THE DRAGONFLY EFFECT: Awaken Your Inner Warrior
4-Day Schedule:

Friday 6pm – 8pm’ish
Welcome registration, opening introduction, course overview and outline.

Saturday 10am – 6pm’ish

Sunday 10am – 6pm’ish

Monday 10am – 1pm’ish

Please arrive on time each day and plan to stay until close of day.

You will want to dress comfortably and layer clothing as room temperature can be uncertain.

NEED MORE INFO? Check out my video below and click here to see more details on The Dragonfly Effect: Awaken your Inner Warrior Programs. OR feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with me, I’d be glad to answer any questions you have.


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I am excited to share this powerful journey inward with you! ~ ♥ Dr. Martha