1530503_645987165466096_1521901656_nSound Healing –

Our bodies are energy, our bodies are not solid masses but rapidly vibrating molecules (as proven by Einstein). Our bodies vibrate at a frequency and sound healing can raise that vibration. Each service is unique to the individual. Crystal bowls will sing around you, providing a shift in your vibration, you frequency and thus your energy.

Crystals enhance vibrations/energy and amplify its affects. We use various crystal singing bowls to provide a relaxing, spiritual growth and emotional releasing service for you. Some clients experience spiritual sounds such as hearing monks chant, feel the touch of their healing guides/angels, feel movement of the energetic/auric field with “popping” or “rippling” or have spiritual visions or smells.


Sound Healing Session 

  • 45-minutes $99

****It is HIGHLY recommended that far infrared heat therapy on our AMETHYST BioMat be added to your Session! Additional Fee is just $35 $20 more.

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