Polarity Therapy polarity

Polarity therapy was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, according to him, there is a flow between positive and negative poles in our body, and for the body to remain healthy it is necessary that this flow is maintained properly or else it would result into illnesses and other disturbances. Polarity therapy considers ayurvedic chakras as its basis, according to this theory, head and the right side of the body is positive pole and feet and left side of the body are negative poles. Body along the spinal column is neutral.

Polarity therapy is another type of alternative therapy, it is said to provide cure on several levels, it not just affects a person spiritually it also provides relief from pain and illnesses like arthritis, fatigue, etc. Many people have also found polarity theory good for migraines, headaches, to get relief from PMS, to relieve stress for pregnant women etc.

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