Space clearings and release-ments performed by Kriss.

Kriss is a spiritualist, raised in a haunted house, in a bad neighborhood, she would work with her guardian angels to stay safe. As a young adult, practicing the art of Meditation and continuing to work with Spirit she learned many healing techniques. After much consideration, she has decided to pursue helping others living (and passed) with her knowledge and skills.

‘Clearing of Spaces’ (haunting) – Spirits or energy can become attached to anything. It is when the spirit or energy is unwanted and the proper owner does not want the co-existence that a clearing is needed. For the most part, these energies that are attached are stuck, lost or confused and need your compassion and help to get to their rightful place. Some of the signs of needing a clearing are: disappearing objects, movement of objects, sensation of being watched, sudden coldness in the air and apparitions. Some of these energies are harmless, but others thrive on discordance, fear and anger. They may present themselves as childlike or playful, but that is a deceit. It is very important to clear energies from your home early on, so they do not gain strength in fear and anger.

“Years ago I was haunted by this monster in my dreams. Only way I could describe him was a man burnt up and hideous. He haunted my dreams, always chasing me, trying to kill me. One time he did manage to catch me…he grabbed me from behind and broke my neck. Kriss came and did a Spirit Detachment with me. It worked, he’s GONE. Its been 10 yrs and he is still GONE! I was finally able to sleep again. i’m forever grateful to Kriss for making him go away!!! Honestly, I’m really no longer plagued by ANY nightmares anymore since that day. I no longer wake up screaming, I just sleep!!!!! Thank you Kriss!!!”

‘Spirit removal/detachment’ – Sometimes spirits, energies or even other living people will “anchor” to a human. Some of the symptoms of being affected by an attachment are: a change in personality or behavior, confusion or lack of focus, craving for drugs or alcohol, feelings of being suppressed or depressed (and that is not your norm) etc. Kriss has seen some amazing transformations for her clients after a spirit removal.

‘Initial Phone Consultation Required’ – In order to best assist you in clearing your home or spirit removal, Kriss requires a phone consultation. The consultation is a tool to assist in better understanding the history and symptoms of the case.

Spirit Release-ment and Space Clearings


Initial Phone consultation (required): $25 (approx. 30 min)

On Site Home/office/property clearing: $175*

*additional fee may apply if space > 2,500 sq. ft.

*Additional fee may apply if distance from IFL >25 miles

Spirit Releasement/Detachment from a person $125

On site Clearing and personal Releasment/Detachment combo $275

(approx. 2-3 hrs) (may need to schedule 2 time slots dependant)

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