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Too tired to get up, too wound up to relax? We have a remedy for that!

by Martha Reed

Get Results for Successful Autonomic Regulation with Simvita and Paravita by Heather Schofield, B.Sc., DHMHS | Dec 23, 2013 We take a breath in and we exhale, we blink our eyes and swallow. In this moment, this all happens without even a conscious consideration going into these actions. Our thoughts do not control these processes, […]

Creating Magic out of Moments

by Martha Reed

I love this video! So symbolic! Not just because of the heroic actions of the people selflessly coming together as a team to save the dolphins, but think about what the dolphins and what it took to get into this situation in the first place! I read, its common for dolphins to chase fish toward […]

6 Types of Emotional Muggers and How to Defend Yourself Against Them

by Martha Reed

The world is full of people hoping to rob you of your good mood. Here’s how to perfect the fine art of psychological self-defense. My client Francine’s husband had started behaving oddly. “I’ll do something ordinary, like offer to check his e-mail for him, and he’ll react as if I’ve killed a child,” she said. […]

“Mind, Body, and Spirit” – Total Weight Loss Program

by Martha Reed

“Mind, Body, and Spirit” – Total Weight Loss Program At Insights-For-Life we provide a Homeopathic Safe weight loss program that naturally helps the dieter to experience rapid weight loss through loss of stored body fat rather than muscle using a Homeopathic Remedies with or without Homeopathic Oral HCG. The true benefit of the diet program […]

Looking and Feeling good from the INSIDE OUT!

by Martha Reed

Below is an article full of good information I found on the internet on why we need both PRE and PRO biotics! Its kind of a long read, so you may want to grab a cup of tea before you dive in! Yesterday, I was guided to put an immune balancing program in place to […]

Don’t confuse your path with your destination!

by Martha Reed

When would NOW be a GREAT day to focus on what you DO want? and NOT what you are in the midst of feeling or situations you want less of in your life. Even if you are having the most wonderful cycle in your life, you WILL want to see yourself having more of it […]