Storm WisdomJoin Psychic Medium Martha Reed PhD and Psychic Medium Jane Seybold for a fun night of Gallery Style Readings, Intuitive Insights and Energy Healing. 

During your time together, they demonstrate using color therapy and the pendulum to remove energy blocks and restore energy balance in the body as well as deliver spirit guided messages from your deceased loved ones, spirit guides and higher selves. 

  • Do you feel stuck, tired, irritable, lack direction, stressed, have anxiety or in pain? If so, please join us!

These are signs that you may have energy blocks or imbalances in your body. Today, we know that It is scientifically proven that your belief becomes your biology. Overtime, prolonged stress, negative thinking and illness cause a disruption of the natural flow of energy. which can result in an energy imbalance and blockages which can manifest into disease.

When you clear and balance your energy it stimulates the energy flow in and around the body which supports the body’s natural ability to heal. It clears the blocks and interference that can hold one back by restoring the energy flow. It promotes the harmonizing process that aids in repairing and balancing the energy body. When our energy system is functioning correctly there is a vitality that is shared between the mind, body and spirit.

This event is held at Storm Wisdom 3375 E Shea Blvd., Suite A-1, Phoenix, AZ 85028
Fee is $40 – Please Register here: