I love this video! So symbolic! Not just because of the heroic actions of the people selflessly coming together as a team to save the dolphins, but think about what the dolphins and what it took to get into this situation in the first place!

I read, its common for dolphins to chase fish toward the shore trapping them for easy feeding.

How many times do we focus so much on the prize, that we end up in dire straits, trapped by our own tunnel vision or greed, or maybe even fear of losing (someone, something, someplace)?

Do you think these dolphins are blaming the tide, feel victims of circumstance, or better yet sitting (or floating) somewhere in a pow wow telling stories about the time they were just swimming along chasing fish, just like any other day, when BAM out of know where they were beached … creepy timewarp, bermuda triangle, alien abduction, black hole kind a thing occured … completely clueless on what just occurred?

OR maybe they are replaying the whole scene over and over again questioning what could they have done different, what warning of danger did they miss, maybe this was their wake up sign to become an algea’ateriian!

Hmmm …. maybe it was a mass suicide, maybe they were sacrificing themselves for the dolphin God/Goddess … now deemed unworthy … sentenced to eternal hell.

Who knows about all that… but what I do know about US as spiritual beings here for a physical experience, is that every cause has an effect, every action has a re-action … good bad or indifferent! And it doesnt even matter how they got there, what matters is how they felt while there, as that is the energy they will be taking back out to sea with them… those feeling are now a part of their cellular memory, and these cellular memories are what determines who we are today, affecting our current vibration, negatively or positively.

I invite you to find away to FEEL peace, love and if not joy at least gratitude in whatever situation you find yourself in today, as its not a just a matter of turning a bad day into a good day or even creating a better tomorrow its a matter of creating YOU!

Have a good day, unless of course you choose otherwise! ~ Dr. Martha

OH and PS … Remember Angels have, can and do magically appear to assist you!

Insights For Life