When would NOW be a GREAT day to focus on what you DO want?
and NOT what you are in the midst of feeling or situations you want less of in your life. Even if you are having the most wonderful cycle in your life, you WILL want to see yourself having more of it in the future! We are powerful manifester’s and YES in both directions, both positive and negative (hence those hidden conflicts I’m always yapping about).
You’ve heard the term “what we think about we bring about”? Well what I know to be true is, its deeper than that … as Les Brown would say “You gotta be HUNGRY” what that means is, you have to find a way to feel it your soul. All dreams and desires, good, bad or indifferent manifest at this emotional level.
And what I have learned in my life is, when you focus forward toward those dreams, “I wish I had’s” and “I wish there’d be’s” from this emotional level… they always come true. The sub-conscious mind could care-less about the outcome, all it knows is, if you feel it, you must want it … I can hear it now “Your wish is my command” J
Here are some tips on where to start ~
Firstly have a good think about what you wish to create for yourself in your life.
What is important to you? Which goals do you want to achieve and will the achievement of these goals make you feel happy and fulfilled? Look into different areas of life such as relationships, health, wealth, family, spirituality. Be as specific as possible; if you wish to create more spare time with your family then what would you do? Would you go out to the park with your children, would you take them on a camping trip? How would that make you feel?
What is wealth for you? Owning a new house, going on an exotic holiday or donating to charity? What makes you feel fulfilled?
Then take it a step further, creating an even BIGGER wave of energy by answering these questions:
1. How do those around me feel/respond as I live this dream reality? (taking kids to park etc ….)
2. What would l like them to think? (I am an expert, they can trust me etc…)
3. And what positive impact am I making in the process? (with myself, family, business, neighborhood even the world?!??!)
The power to heal, shift and change lies within ~
If you need a little help going inward, let me know I know a great guide that would love to assist you on the journey! 😉
<3 Me