Below is an article full of good information I found on the internet on why we need both PRE and PRO biotics! Its kind of a long read, so you may want to grab a cup of tea before you dive in!
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What Is The Difference Between Prebiotics And Probiotics?
Years ago we all discovered something called PRObiotics and “they” told us it was good for us. So we bought it up in yogurt, drinks, pills and other foods. Not quite so many years ago, we started seeing and hearing about PREbiotics in foods and pills and “they” told us it was good for us.
Which one is better? Should we take one and not the other? So many questions. Here are the plain facts so you can finally know what is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics.
The official description of probiotics, as described by The World Health Organization is “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit to the host”.
So to be accurate a probiotic is a therapeutic agent taken from outside the body in the form of a food, pill, capsule, or powder. What is not correct is the way many people have made the term synonymous with “friendly flora” or “good bacteria” – whether describing the ones already living inside our intestines or the ones we take as a food or pill.
Probiotics are alive
Whether we talk about the probiotic supplements or in foods such as yogurt, or the probiotic bacteria living in our gut, they are both live bacteria which reside in our intestinal tract and give us many health benefits like fighting off disease and keeping things working properly.
Bad and dangerous bacteria
Living right along side this good and beneficial bacteria is also the bad and dangerous bacteria. Every minute of every day they battle for domination in our gut! The winner is determined by how much they can eat. What they eat depends on what we eat. If we eat food that is full of the right nutrients, the benefactors are the good bacteria. If we eat junk food high in animal fats and refined sugar, the benefactors will be the bad bacteria.
Prebiotics are not any type of bacteria like probiotics. Prebiotics are the food nutrients that feed the good bacteria in our body. They are the healthy and quality foods that we need to eat to make sure we feed all of our good bacteria and not our bad bacteria if we want to remain healthy.
That is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics.
The probiotic myth
What “they” told us about the benefits we would get by eating probiotics in yogurt and other supplement forms are things like better digestion, increased good bacteria, and boosting the immune system. These claims have been responsible for the huge increase of sales for the dairy and supplement industry for sure. Unfortunately, several health organizations have rejected most of the claims from this industry due to unsubstantiated proof.
Prebiotics have proven to offer benefits probiotics were supposed to
Scientists have been, and are conducting many experiments with prebiotics because it has been established that it’s these nutritional substances that feed our beneficial bacteria. Probiotics, or good bacteria are not self-supporting and need prebiotics in order to feed on and grow, they don’t simply need more of the same.
What science has shown about prebiotics
While many studies have been made, with some results already proven and some still yet to be proven, there is now measurable proof showing that prebiotic supplements and foods can:
increase immune performance
improve mineral absorption
balance digestive system and bowel ph
help inflammatory bowel disorders
prevent & possibly stop early stage colon cancer
improve heart health
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